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Whole House Design Capabilities

Our team designs whole house design capabilities on a regular basis and the quality of the bespoke designs specific to each client is of the highest quality. In the past, we were approached with the job of supplying and designing underfloor heating and hot and cold water distribution through primary pipework throughout the ground floor and first floor of the house. Our client recognised that a single point of contact and support was essential. Direct communication with our clients is a high quality customer service aspect we promise when designing bespoke system plans.

Jordan Thompson, Design Technician at Tailored Heat Supplies comments:

“It’s often refreshing for our customers to be able to talk to one contact about a whole house system. We get involved early on in the project with the client and we also assist the site team as-and-when required. It’s all down to the relationship we build with the installation team”

Managing a whole house design underfloor heating system

Our client required underfloor heating on the ground. Manifold locations need careful consideration so we decided to install an 11 port manifold and a 7 port manifold on the ground floor. Our in-house engineers conducted room-by-room assessments and system calculations. We have many customers including heating contractors and house builders. Similarly, having a variety of customers results in the variety of projects. Our team’s involvement on different projects improves on their experience and knowledge. Furthermore, this benefits future jobs by improving on previous experience and skills.

Our Design Technician, Jordan Thompson, designing the bespoke Underfloor Heating System for this Whole House Project in the office.

Managing a whole house design Primary Pipework Plumbing System

When analysing the plumbing system for this whole house design, we used a range of manufacturers and provided the supporting documents for ensuring precision. The hot and cold distribution of water needed to reach the taps in the kitchen, bathroom and both two en-suites. Our engineers reviewed the rooms and installed two manifolds on the first floor. The plumbing manifold reduces the number of joints within a water supply system. This can improve the quality of the job as its labour saving but more importantly, outlets can be disconnected without interrupting other supplies.

A Successful Outcome

Overall, the client recognised the value of a reliable supplier. Therefore. the client felt extremely pleased with the finished whole house design. Whole House jobs are another way us at Tailored Heat Supplies is improving on the technicality of various system installations and client building.

 If you have any project plans involving these installation systems, don’t hesitate in contacting our team at