Underfloor Heating Systems from the Industry Experts

Our Underfloor Heating Systems (UFH) are designed by experts and delivered directly to site. Each system is specifically designed for your project and comes complete with installation guidance, wiring diagrams, and plumbing schematics. We also have a team of in-house advisors should you need extra support.

Why Choose Tailored Heat?

  • Free Outline Specification and advice
  • Integrated System Design (Plant room and/or Heat Pumps)
  • Free face to face consultation with you and your client
  • Beama approved system and system design, members of HPA
  • £5m Design Indemnity


Please provide your contact details, a short description of your requirements and we will be in touch within 24 hours.


We guarantee to keep your details private and confidential. Your information will only be shared with one of our technical engineers.

OUR UFH Systems are perfect for:

Self Builds, Houses, Barns, Schools & Apartments

We have heated thousands of floors across the length and breadth of the UK. Our team has the experience to design and supply the correct system for your project, be it a 300-year-old cottage, a one-off self-build or a housing scheme. We have over 40 floor heating systems for all floor constructions.

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Architects, Developers, Contractors & Plumbers

Our knowledge and ability attracts a number of professionals, whether you are an architect looking for a project specification, a developer looking for a heating scheme design or an installer looking for a system supplier – Tailored Heat are the team for you. Contact us to discuss your project in detail.

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Screed Underfloor Heating Systems

Our Screed Underfloor Heating Systems are suitable for standard fibre screed and flowing screeds. Heating pipes are held in place using staples and/or clip rail and high traffic areas are sleeved. A traditional option for ground floor project but increasing a thin screed is utilised on first floors.


Timber Underfloor Heating Systems

There are a number of Tailored Heat timber floor solutions available. All are focused on maximising the heat transfer through the floor. Lightweight pre grooved insulation with aluminium plates, foil faced insulation or pug floors are popular. Each system can be countersunk into an existing floor.


Overlay and Low Profile Underfloor Heating Systems

The above timber systems can be used as an overlay or floating floor solution. There are options to minimise the height to avoid too much disruption. Low profile underfloor systems are a great solution for existing properties. These are available as modular panels or routed screed replacement boards.



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Get in touch with us for Free Advice and Quotations:


  • Free Outline Specification and advice
  • Integrated System Design (Plant room and/or Heat Pumps)
  • Free face to face consultation with you and your client
  • Beama approved system and system design, members of HPA, FMB
  • £5m Design Indemnity

Housebuilders and Developers

  • System Selection Advice
  • Practicality, Budget and Installation Advice
  • Full Technical Back Up for Site Plumbers and Electricians including manuals
  • Other Emitters, Heat Pumps, Cylinders and Plumbing Systems also available
  • System Commissioning Service Available

Heating Engineers

  • Technical Advice from our in-house Building Services Engineers
  • Bespoke System to Suit your Preference (Fixings, Pipes etc)
  • Manuals to Suit Project Heat Source Integration
  • Account Manager and Technical Manager Assigned to you
  • On-Site Sales Support

Self Builders

  • We partner major manufacturers to bring the best solution for your project
  • Free training for your local installer
  • Database of experienced installers
  • Multiple Heating, plumbing and control solutions overseen by our engineers
  • Free advice on choice of practical, efficient options for your project

Take Our Advice, Talk to Tailored Heat Underfloor Heating

As a leading design house and supplier in the UK you and your projects are in safe, trusted hands. Talk to our team about your project, system specifications, delivery of equipment or training. We even have representatives who can drop by your site for an informal chat about practical options. There are many ways to get in touch.

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