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Underfloor Heating Systems

Overview of Underfloor Heating Systems

An underfloor heating installation complements any self-build project, apartments, new extension or home renovation. Additional space for furniture, individual room temperature control and high efficiency are just a handful of reasons why it’s a very popular home heating choice. Not limited to residential projects, many commercial buildings can benefit from this type of heating. Cost and install time are key drivers, however, low maintenance, low hazard and reduced sanitising requirements (compared to cleaning Radiator surfaces in Hospitals etc.) are further reasons why architects and consultants are opting for UFH. Tailored Heat are members of BEAMA, the UK’s Underfloor Heating Association.

How Underfloor Heating  Works

Underfloor Heating is quite simple in principle; Multilayer or PEXa pipes, run within the floor construction, these are connected to a heating manifold. The primary pipework installation connects the manifold and the boiler or heat pump installation.When the temperature in a room drops below the required set point the room thermostat calls for heat.
The system control opens the Under Floor Heating manifold actuator (motorised valve), activates the pump and then signals a demand the heat source.

Warm water from the boiler circulates around the floor increasing the room temperature. The radiant heat warms the room to the desired comfort levels and the heating controls return the system to standby mode.

System Design and Expert Support

During the Underfloor Heating System design, we carefully consider the individual room heat demand. Additionally floor construction, floor finish (carpet, stone, tile or wood) and the heat source influence the system design.

We design a suitable control strategy by considering types of thermostats, central heating timers, system integration, building regulation requirements and current standards (BS EN 1264, for example). On completion of the comprehensive system design, we supply detailed installation and operation guides. These include wiring diagrams, heat pump or boiler primary pipework schematic, pipe layout diagrams, flow rate details and thermostat instructions.

As part of our service and ability, we are able to offer a system commissioning service that includes system testing, a system set up and control set up. We also check that the system integration points are operation correctly with the heat source.

Tailored Heat Underfloor Heating

Our system consists of components from the industry’s leading manufacturers, the very best design methods and coupled with a high standard of technical back up. This straightforward approach is why we are one of the UK’s market leaders, happily supporting thousands of installations.

We supply a wide range of contract installers, house builders, plumbing and heating engineers and builders merchants. Talk to Tailored Heat about your project today.