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Central Heating and Heat Source Control

Overview of Central Heating Control

Central heating controls are an essential element of any heating system. Failing to use the correct thermostatic control and/or the correct heat source controllers will inherently lead to an ill-performing and inefficient system. Using simple dial thermostats or smartphone linked thermostat on an individual room control basis will give you essential temperature control.

Comfort levels are essential in the home, a correctly designed control strategy coupled with an understanding of the user’s requirement we deliver a simple straightforward system.
Additional to our thermostatic controls we also incorporate automatic boiler/heat pump controls adding system efficiency and often increasing system lifespan.

Selecting the right control strategy

Room thermostats are typically supplied with all of our Underfloor Heating and Heating manifold systems. A cable connects the thermostats with a wiring centre, when the thermostat calls for heat the wiring centre send a signal to the boiler and the manifold zone valves are opened.
We have hundreds of thermostats to choose from, the range includes hard wired, RF (radio frequency/wireless), 230v, 24v, 12v, digital, programmable and dial.
A range of timers can control multiple heating systems from one place, for example, an Under Floor Heating system on a ground floor and a radiator system on the first floor.
A very popular automatic operation is to incorporate weather compensation, this system varies the temperature of the heating system relevant to the outside temperature.

System Design & Expert Support

The control strategy is often the most important element when designing a heating system, unfortunately, it’s often overlooked or ill-considered.
Update to Building Regulations L1A, L1B and L2A have improved the focus on correct control of a heating system. Something Tailored Heat has been recommending for a long time.
The system operation lasts a lot longer than the installation, we take the time to understand the needs and ability of the homeowner and take a practical approach when selecting the correct controls.

On confirmation of the control strategy, we present detailed wiring diagrams and installation guides. These include manufacturer’s user guides, wiring link up diagrams (heating system to boiler/heat pump) and our customer service contact details.
As part of our commissioning service, we can spend time with the homeowner demonstrating how to use the heating controls and how to operate the whole system efficiently.

 Tailored Heat Central Heating Control

We have carefully considered our system controls. By reviewing individual costs, practicalities, reliability and accuracy, we are confident that our systems deliver perfect comfort levels efficiently.
Because we have a high level of competency within our technical team many electrical and plumbing contractors are recommending us to their customers.