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Air Source Heat Pump Systems

Overview of an Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump unit transfers the heat extracted from the outside air into a heating and/or hot water system. This mechanics of an ASHP system works on the same principle of a fridge freezer, these extract the heat from within the fridge and expel it into the kitchen.
An Air Source unit stands outside the property, usually to the side or rear of the property; this connects to the heating system within the house. These areas Monobloc units (single units). Other examples are ‘Split’ systems; these have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

How An Air Source Heat Pump Operates

As the heat pump fan runs it blows air over a collection pipe that contains a glycol solution. This liquid absorbs heat very efficiently; this then circulates through a compressor and the temperature increases further. A heat exchanger transfers the heat into the heating/hot water system.
The temperature delivered to the heating system fluctuates depending on the outdoor temperature, during very cold conditions the system temperature maybe 55˚C. During warmer springtime outdoor temperatures, the heating system may only require 30˚C. Typically, the average design temperature is 35˚C to 40˚C depending on the requirements of the heat emitters.

System Design & Expert Support

A Heat Pump air source design can be quite finite, where past boiler sizing practices were very ballpark an air source unit needs much more consideration.
During the MCS compliant design process, we carefully consider the heat load, this gives us the general heat requirement. We then consider the heating type and characteristics; some emitters may require a slightly higher temperature to work efficiently. We have to balance what is an efficient heat pump temperature and what will deliver a comfortable room temperature. Ill consideration of the emitter temperature inevitably leads to poor system performance.
We also consider the demand for the domestic hot water, using current stands and regulations we can determine the minimum capacity. Additional to the above we then further assess the satisfactory heat recovery time of the hot water.

We are able to provide MCS accreditation through our industry partners, we provide fully compliant MCS design details, registration assistance, and on-site commissioning.  Where installers have their own accreditation we can simply provide the documentation or just the heat pump units.

Tailored Heat Air Source Heat Pump Systems

We partner some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers, who in turn recognise our detailed design service. We integrate products and system from a range of manufacturers (air source units from one manufacturer, plant room controls from another – for example).
We have supplied a high volume of domestic projects and wide and varied range of commercial projects. Our customers include plumbing and heating engineers, renewable energy installers (MCS registered installers) and house builders. Talk to Tailored Heat about your renewable energy project today.

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