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Self Build Project: Underfloor Heating, Radiator Manifolds and MVHR

Tailored Heat was approached to give a whole house solution for a high-quality self-build project. Initially approached to provide an underfloor heating solution the client opted for a full heating system and a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) solution from Tailored Heat. The client recognised that a single point of contact and support was essential.


The ground floor of the property had a very modern layout with the living areas predominantly open plan. Also located on the ground floor was a guest bedroom and a shower room area.
Staples and clip rail secured the Multi-Layer Under Floor Heating pipes directly to the floor insulation. A 60mm flowing screed made up the floor structure and has good thermal transfer characteristics for the underfloor heating.


To additionally reduce the installation time, improve comfort levels and reduce running costs the client chose a heating manifold method with radiators designed at low temperature. The pre-insulated pipe connects each radiator to the manifold. Each room also had its own thermostatic air temperature control.


The project had been designed with high insulation levels to the walls, floors and roof along with high specification glazing. The client also paid particular attention to the air tightness of the project, scoring a massive 1.62
The client’s persistent attention to detail, particularly with regards to insulation levels, led the client to pursue¬†an MVHR system. The MVHR system simply extracts stale/excess heat from Kitchen and Bathroom areas and pre-warms incoming fresh air via a heat exchanger. This warmed air distributes through the living areas of the house. This solution further reduces boiler work rate and keeps the air fresh throughout the house.


This family home has mixed use rooms across each level of the house, an additional consideration to intermittent use and varying comfort demands. A simple to use programmable thermostat strategy gave the homeowners choice and flexibility throughout the house.

During the project, Tailored Heat guided the site trades, remodelled the detailed designs and conducted a system commissioning service on completion. The level of service and scope of systems was particularly useful to the client who admits he would have had to balance a number of trades with individual system designs and schedules.