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Screed Replacement Boards with Underfloor Heating

Screed Replacement Boards with Underfloor Heating

A number of projects now require either a thinner solution or a more effective output. Manufacturing a thin solution to get pipes in a floor is quite simple, getting one that provides a suitable output is something completely different; it’s often the installers responsibility to calculate the effects of downwards loss and the restriction that the floor finish will have on the system…… a 100w/m2 system can quickly turn into something that’s nothing more than floor warming! Heat Pump efficiency is also affected by restrictive floor constructions – the whole system design needs to be calculated and correct!

Take a look at our document THS Efficiency by Construction 2013 this shows the benefits of using screed replacement boards with Underfloor Heating.

A great innovation and now a popular product is the ScreedBoard from Cellecta – A range of ascreed replacement boards often specified by Tailored Heat. This offers high heat transfer and can offer a thin build up on a beam and block floor – coupled with the correct density insulation with either foil faced or with Aluminium plates the correct output can be achieved to suit the room heat loss.

Take a look at the product video from Cellecta, this shows the installation process, the short video shows how simple a system can be installed using screed replacement boards.

At Tailored Heat, we can design an underfloor heating system designed specifically for the project. We have access to a range of construction products that can be used to maximise output or minimise floor build up. Talk to our team today.

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