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Underfloor Heating for Residential Apartments, Central London

Tailored Heat demonstrated clear competitive advantage by helping an existing client win a prestigious residential apartments contract for Underfloor Heating and Screed.

The client recognised that, during the installation process, external influences were going to increase the ongoing cost of delivering the contract. Whilst managing the contract the client also had concerns regarding the impact on their own in-house resources due to the increased level of queries.

Tailored Heat’s default level of technical support reduced the impact on resources by providing a responsive service directly to project consultants, managers, and site trades. Our technical and operations team provided a range of tasks including data flow, design discussions, scheduling and ongoing technical queries. Without this level of backup, the client would have had to employ an external consultant, mid-contract, and would have potentially compromised their own high level of service.

The mechanical consultants had rigorous demands in their on-going qualification procedures. Tailored Heat provided detailed system design, product specifications, total heat outputs, individual underfloor loop outputs and detailed flow rates for each of the apartments.
Throughout the contract, Tailored Heat managed a high volume of technical enquiries on behalf of the installer. On many occasions, the level of expertise could have only been delivered by a (technical) BEAMA member or a qualified Building Services Engineer. Tailored Heat delivered all aspects of the support competently and professionally.

The operations team were very heavily involved in the project logistics due to the central London location. The project had a very tight schedule coupled with limited on-site storage. Additionally, each trade had a specific time slot for their deliveries. Typically, three pre-10am Underfloor Heating deliveries took place each week. That phase of installation took place almost immediately and the flowing screed laid in the afternoon.
The Tailored team liaised with manufacturers, transport companies, site managers and the client – A level of support that is clearly beyond other suppliers. The schedule was such that the Underfloor Heating System had to be split over twenty separate deliveries. An additional same day delivery had to be arranged due to a product being accidentally damaged onsite.

The client has continues to complete a growing number of domestic and commercial projects with Tailored Heat Supplies having recognised the value of technically able and reliable supplier.
Manifolds = 66
Loops = 231
Zonez = 212
Pipe m = 14,200
Heated m2 = 3,700
Levels = 7
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