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Managing the whole house heating and ventilation strategy

Modern, well insulated, houses need the correct balance of heat and ventilation, and its not so much about selecting the right type of products to get the ‘right system’– its all to do with getting the right design, the right associated products, the right information, offering the right support to the installer and offering the right aftercare to the end user.

Tailored Heat Supplies offer a supply, design and support package to the heating and construction trade; Specifying a system, combining products from a wide range of reputable manufacturers, providing installers (plumbing and electrical) with responsive support and assisting the end user with operational and efficiency advice.

Increasingly clients are seeking a whole house approach, either considering a Heat Pump or variable system temperature controls for the boiler (weather compensation), Underfloor Heating, High-Efficiency Radiators or Skirting Heating and a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system. Paul Mee from Tailored Heat Supplies takes a look at these systems as a complete package from Tailored Heat Supplies;

“There are so many technological advances in the building and heating sector, so many manufacturers and increasing so many suppliers – either off-the-shelf suppliers, kit system suppliers or the System/Design Houses (such as Tailored Heat Supplies); Getting the right project-driven solution can be time-consuming and financially draining for builders, developers and project managers – it can also open up a minefield for the installers thereafter”

“Regulations and standards have tightened up responsibility both in terms of system design and correct system efficiency, something that will, undoubtedly, continue to increase in the years to come. Architects, Builders and Heating Engineers have to make a conscious business decision – do you commit a large section of your time and efforts to research hundreds of manufacturers products, consider correct design approach for each and every system, experiment with thousands of systems controls, find out which systems are problematic either for installation or during system lifetime OR do I turn to Tailored Heat who can offer access to all these products, have a technical design approach, who have a combined installation and design experience time frame of nearly 40 years, a company who has design indemnity (PI) and a company who can offer you more than just a single product/system type?”

“One of the main increases that we are all seeing within Tailored Heat Supplies is the whole package approach from Architects and professional builders – either a Heat Pump or weather compensation control for a boiler, heat emitters and Heat Reclamation, on most occasions our services are being called upon to act as a ‘system manager’, to fully design the system, supply the materials direct to site and then work across the project trades to guide them through the plumbing and electrical installation process and ultimately be responsible for the system. We truly understand the whole construction process and have a trade/professional approach, our customer relationships are built on trust, ability, and adaptability with fair and transparent pricing”

“Looking at the core systems themselves, we work with a number of key, UK based manufacturers bringing the best solution to our clients; MVHR is an almost definite for new builds, due to the air tight / low leakage rate of houses its important to keep a house free from condensation and mould – whilst also keeping the air quality fresh healthy and free from pollutants – we can supply and design a range of packages from a standard unit with a rigid plastic branch ducting system through to a Passive House unit with a manifold airflow duct, options to suit budgets and the project.”

“As the clarification of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) has arisen, the demand for a renewable heat source has also understandably increased, as much as I would like the increase to be efficiency driven and not grant led the latter seems to be the case. A heat pump is the engine of the heating and hot water system, without the right engine the whole system can be ill performing, it’s very important to get the design right both for the building and the emitters. A saving of 40% to 60% over oil is very attractive to homeowners and with new build, highly insulated homes a low-temperature heat pump (with a ground source or air source) can offer a really good, low temperature, energy efficient system – when the design and installation are right!”

“We can also box clever on your behalf, if a renewable heat source is not a consideration a set of controls can be incorporated to float the heating system water temperature to suit the Outdoor Temperature conditions (ODT). We change the system mixers, pumps and design to suit, whilst this option offers better efficiencies it can also reduce system cost, where three or more manifolds with pump sets are utilised”

“There are a wide range of heat emitters, a wide range of system that is perhaps more suitable for certain projects (by design or outputs), or often a lifestyle led choices by the homeowner; At Tailored Heat we supply designed systems that include Underfloor Heating, Radiator systems with Heating Manifolds (Point to Point Plumbing), Skirting Heating and Trench Heating. We have a defiant design approach not really the kit, a pre-determined kit design to cover a m2 with no consideration to the heat load requirement, floor finish and in some respects the heat source, our robust approach not only includes the mechanical and electrical components but due to our expanding range we can also offer the associated products such as pre-grooved insulation panels (of varying efficiencies), foil faced insulation and high efficiency floor decks such as the Screedboard 20 from Cellecta.”

“Our radiator manufacturer range includes high-end heat pump specific fan assisted radiators plus a selection of DPDC (Double Panel, Double Convection) units, we design the systems using heating manifolds and individual room thermostats – offering the very best in efficiency, low system temperature increased the efficiency of the heat source!”

“Whilst we are a System House and not an M&E consultant we offer a great solution and a great resource to Architects, Builder/Developers and Heating Engineers, our service and support levels come as standard, not to be confused with a costly premium rate service! It’s our passion to get the right system, support everyone involved in the right way and build a lasting relationship!”

“Over the years I have been involved in possibly thousands of self-build projects and hundreds of commercial projects, my colleagues perhaps more so, John Trenell the company director is at the coal-face of the industry sitting on technical boards/committees – if you are considering heating a conservatory or a high-rise, a library or a sports hall Tailored Heat Supplies can get you the right system, at the right trade price with the right level of support for you and your team!”

If you would like to talk to Tailored Heat about your projects please contact the main office on 01228 564 564 or contact Paul Mee as below.

Paul Mee
Business Development Manager
Tailored Heat Supplies
Mobile: 07889 732053