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Low Profile Overlay Underfloor Heating: Panel Systems

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System Overview

A Low Profile Overlay Underfloor Heating Panel System is typically a 15mm profiled plastic panel designed to accept underfloor heating pipework. Pipework clicks securely in place; a levelling compound completes the installation. The panels are available with a variety of options including an adhesive or insulation backing. The Low Profile Overlay Underfloor Heating panels suit retrofit or new build projects. Timber Frame projects particularly benefit from the minimal build up where first floors are part of the house construction.
Increasingly, builders of new houses of traditional construction are utilising low profile Underfloor Heating systems where “I” beam joists are used, this can be difficult to install a countersunk underfloor heating system.

Low Profile Overlay Underfloor Heating Panels

Before you start laying panels into place, make careful considerations to the pipe traffic route to and from the manifold. It may be prevalent to leave a pipe ‘highway’ with an adjacent edge batten to support the floor finish. Clean, level and prime (where applicable) the subfloor prior to the low profile panel installation. Secure the panels into position using adhesive or screws, unsecured panels may move during pipe installation or during the levelling compound application.

Pipework & Manifolds

Pipework for Low Profile Underfloor Overlay Heating Systems are typically 10mm or 12mm PEXc pipe. A typical loop length is less than that of a 16mm pipe system resulting in an increased number of loops. The panel matrix is designed to provide pipe spacings at 150mm, the output is similar to a traditional screed system at 55C water temperature when installed in accordance with BS-EN1264. Again, in consideration to standard 16mm systems, a low profile underfloor heating system may require an additional number of manifolds to heat the same area. This again relates to the smaller bore pipe and reduced loop lengths.

With consideration to the pipe lengths and increased manifold size, manifolds must be located as centrally as practically possible.

Levelling Compound/Latex Installation

You will need to pressure test the pipes and manifold once the pipework installation is complete. The latex compound fills all the gaps in the low profile panels resulting in a level surface. With correct floor preparation, the latex requirement will be an average of 3mm across the low profile boards. A light skim over the board’s castles will result in a 2mm increase in the floor height.

It is important to level the subfloor prior to installing the low profile overlay panels. Poor preparation can significantly increase system costs.

A Tailored Heat Low Profile Overlay System

At Tailored Heat, we specialise in the design and supply of Low Profile Underfloor Heating Systems. We carefully design every system, making considerations to the building regulations, British standards, various manufacturers product stipulations and the heating requirements of the project.

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