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Keeping Warm at Wasdale Mountain Rescue Base

Chris More, a sales manager from Tailored Heat, recently attended the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Base as part of an official open day celebration.

Tailored Heat designed a highly efficient Underfloor Heating and Low-Temperature Radiator system all linked to a Ground Source Heat Pump. Rolland Hill Limited of Wigton, Cumbria expertly installed the Heating and Heat Pump system. Tailored Heat and Roland Hill have worked together on many previous projects.

A Cutting Edge Project

Overwhelmed by the building’s quality Chris commented: “the building itself has an abundance of cutting-edge technology, the ‘ready-room’ has maps and casualty assessment summary, as a result, the rescue team can really get to grips with what they are facing”.
“Furthermore, the fresh and warm feeling in the base delights the volunteers. No more damp huts after a rescue, the building also boasts a warm shower for them. The features of the building  really focus on the well-being of the volunteers.”

Joss Naylor MB opened the base, a figure well know and admired by the running and fell running community.

“Hearing the stories of how rescues were conducted in the past compared to modern day is remarkable. Often two fell runners with a stretcher were about the best you could hope for and they could be few and far between. The base has well-equipped land rovers, helicopter and even a boat to scramble across the lakes” Chris added.

A heated base benefits the local community, the trust plan to hold a range of training and educational events. The building is a benchmark in the industry, it really shows what the future of mountain rescue can be like.

John Trenell of Tailored Heat donated to the rescue team fund after speaking to Richard Warren from WMTB.
John commented “the importance of a facility like this in the Lake District is paramount. Real dangers faced by experienced locals and tourists. The changing weather conditions, unfortunately, catch a lot of people out.  It’s been an honor to work alongside Roland Hill again, we have a great working relationship.”
“it is really easy to see how much it’s going to benefit the local community and, ultimately, save lives.”

Further Information:

You can find out more about the base and make your own donation by visiting the Wasdale mountain rescue website

Details of the installer, Rolland Hill can be found here: