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City Centre Eco Village has the Tailored Heat Touch

Tailored Heat has been working as part of a team to deliver a benchmark renewable city centre project. The eco-village development in Nottingham includes a variety of executive 4,5 and 6 bedroom houses. The range of plot types contributes to the development’s character and contemporary feel. The project breathed new life into a formally overgrown, neglected landscape that housed a former, partly derelict, public house.

The ambitious project had energy efficiency at heart from the very outset. The intention was to offer one of the very first city centre eco-village to Nottingham. In addition, the partnership goal was to demonstrate a tangible benchmark for future inner-city developments. With the project outline underway, Tailored Heat had been approached as the indemnified renewable heating system designer, supplier and technical resource for the site trades.

Considered Heating Strategy

Starting the process with a detailed heat loss assessment, a number of practical heating and heat source options had to be assessed and qualified. Considering efficiency, budgets, installation processes, end users, and maintenance; a joint conclusion agreed that a combination of Air Source Heat Pumps, Underfloor Heating, Multilayer Primary Press Fit Pipework, and Low-Temperature Radiators offered the most practical, cost-effective and energy efficient systems for the project.

The building load requirement ranged from a highly efficient 6.2kW to 9.5kw across the eco-village. A considered product selection process led the team to select the inverter-driven Mitsubishi Ecodan Heat Pumps for the project. A method of utilising modular manifolds within the hot and cold services reduced the leak risk to each dwelling. Continuity, product range, installation process, maintenance, reliability and user-friendly controls were all aspects that contributed to the product selection.

A Mixed Low-Temperature Solution

The heating system strategy had to consider energy efficiency, comfort, and low-temperature integration, something of a specialty within Tailored Heat. The screed floor areas of the dwellings incorporated underfloor heating and a range of aesthetically discreet low-temperature radiators serviced the timer floor areas. The whole, low temperature, heating system incorporated simple individual room controls that complemented the high-efficiency heat source.

The senior engineer matched each section of the heating system by carefully considering the integration. A meticulously thought-out strategy considered and evaluated many aspects including installation, integration, efficiency and on-going support. To ease installation and system balancing Emmeti FMU3 manifolds were chosen. These Manifolds included flow meters, pressure gauges and temperature sensors across both the heating emitter types.

These simple features also offer a future maintenance teams a clear visual aid, ideal for correct servicing procedure and troubleshooting a system should a fault occur. Tailored Heat also has the ability to access the heat pumps remotely during incidences of technical support or end user queries.

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One of the prestigious houses on the eco-village in Nottingham