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Central Heating Installation Benefits

The list of Central heating installation benefits is increasing more and more and the team at Tailored Heat can see this by the amount of system design jobs approaching us daily. Winter is on its way and it is the most sensible time to start getting your home prepared for the cold weather approaching.

Ecological & Cost effective

Electric heating is clean and respectful to the environment as it does not emit polluting gases or use heavy metals. Gas is a fossil fuel which could become obsolete in the future as it produces damaging carbon emissions with climate targets increasing. Not only is electric heating cheaper to install than gas but it also has no maintenance costs and lasts for up to 50% longer than the average gas boiler. Also, it is also 100% efficient, meaning all the electricity you use and pay for converts into heat.

Evenly Distributed heating

Each room has a thermostat installed and there is no requirement for a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve). Moreover, when the temperature in a room drops below the required set point, the room thermostat calls for heat.  The system control opens a specific actuator head on the manifold this then fires up the pump and generates a demand to the heat source. This is a huge benefit for having central heating installed as the heat remains central to any room keeping the heat distributed all around.

Safety & Noise

Electric heaters are generally safer than gas as they do not burn fuel to generate heat. Furthermore, this eliminates risks such as carbon monoxide emissions and explosions. In addition, there are no water-filled pipes, so there is less risk of damage to the property from leaking or burst pipework.

With electric systems, there is no noise emitted and no lime scale build up unlike the kettling noise and dripping or tapping noises than can come from the gas heating systems due to the water rushing through the pipes.

Tailored Heat Central Heating Manifold Solutions

Bringing together hundreds of components from a handful of reputable manufacturers, we design a comprehensive system that has been well thought out. Our customers include contract installers, house builders, plumbing and heating engineers and plumbers merchants.

To support every customer we offer a commissioning service for all our systems. Also, we can visit the site to check the system is working correctly and this ensures the system is installed in line with the design and is working efficiency and is being used correctly.

Email your Central Heating project plans over to our team at Tailored Heat to discuss details or phone at 01228 210444

Central Heating Installation: System Design & Expert Support

The installation method itself is quite straight forward. However, calculating the quantities and integrating the mechanical and electrical control is time-consuming and sometimes complex. By assessing each room’s requirement, considering the floor constructions and reviewing the pipe installation practicality we provide a comprehensive central heating package. The design packs detail pipe runs, balancing details (where we have designed and supplied the radiators), wiring diagrams and plumbing schematics.