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Air Source Heat Pumps Top The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Table

The latest figures from OFGEM report that Air Source Heat Pumps top the domestic RHI accreditation table. Homeowners in the South West are leading the driving force with almost 16% of all accredited renewable energy installation regionally.

A total of 25,409 Air Source Heat Pumps accredited installation are registered so far with 7,835 Ground Source Heat Pump installations and 8,094 Solar Thermal Installations. A total of 47% of all accredited installations under the domestic scheme are Air Source Heat Pumps.

Reviewing our customers I can see a similar trend in ASHP popularity and in many cases it’s not driven by our ‘Renewable Installer’ customer group.

Winding back 12 to 24 months, many customers reported integration issues when using a range of specialist suppliers; While each system on its own was perfectly suitable for the project in hand, small aspects needed to be added or removed to enable the whole system to work correctly. Sometimes a pump, sometimes a low loss header. The little grey area in the middle wasn’t the responsibility of the emitter supplier, nor was it the responsibility of the heat source company – the installer was assumed to know what was required and how to implement it.

Today, our heating engineers and construction companies are showing an expansion in their offering. Perhaps this is driven by end users but I thoroughly believe it’s due to THS being able to manage the whole system design from one point. I  see companies requesting heating, plumbing, and heat source systems from an early stage. The Tailored Heat customer service team manage the materials, the technical queries, and the commissioning. It’s an easier, more robust, option for the person who is ultimately responsible for the project.

Renewable installers have remained steady over the last 12 months, many expanding their emitter and control offering. Many customers in this group have invested heavily in accreditations and rely on their own resources to produce the full system calculations.

From a homeowners point of view, the RHI still seems a complex beast and are commonly put off by misleading advice. As popularity increases and Air Source units become the norm I believe these fears will fade….eventually.

If you are thinking of your own renewable project, or you are wanting to expand your offering talk to the Tailored Heat team.

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By Paul Mee – Tailored Heat Supplies Limited


Domestic RHI Quarterly Report Feb 2017